log di jay gey

Success! I am packed for the trip, with no bloodshed, and the backpack only (only!) weighs 12kg. I would take a photo — but I have packed the camera. In fact, I have packed almost everything I would normally be using, and so I have little to nothing to do. I am wandering around the […]

home again, home again

Home again, and after the Himalayan foothills everything seems so very … flat. Quite literally. While I was away, I wrote a scant few paragraphs on a short story, and nothing more. Instead, I concentrated on stopping my head from spinning and sliding around inside my skull in the thin mountain air. I received a […]

here and now not forever

I appear to have returned home ravenous. It's true that I ate three square meals a day while away, and I did not shirk on the oily or fatty substances (hey, it gets cold over that way, and we had a lot of walking to do! Although I did draw the line at eating potato-sized […]

send me photographs and souvenirs

Ah, the post-travel funk. I knew it would hit sooner or later. A vague but nagging ache from the freckle biopsy today suddenly has me feeling vicious and uncharitable. Where are my mountains? Where are my Himalayan children and my stray dogs cheerfully escorting me on my way? This is a snap of the main […]

the burning lake

If you peer into the burning lake, you may be able to see the pinnacle of the drowned temple, which is what you see the tour guide and driver doing here: I can't put my finger on precisely why, but I absolutely love this picture. Spent today attempting to knock out something approaching an outline […]

why are you singing?

Oy vey. Whose grand idea was it to start back in on the wordcount the same day I started back at the dayjob?

the land of the … "rolling pin"

I date my friendship with J from the moment I pointed out this sign, pinned to the wall of the bank in Bhutan's national capital, Thimphu:1 Some things, you simply have to share, after all. And in a country decorated extensively by renderings, in paint and wood, of male genitalia… well, there's simply no way […]

search terms

It's time for that always fun not-quite-a-meme, analysing the search terms that brought people to the site. STOP 0x0000007e (or some variant thereof) Ah, the dreaded blue screen of death. Sorry, people, I can't help you on this one, other than to say I share your pain. This is the BSoD error I'm getting lately, […]

is it m-o-n-g-o-u-a?

While I was busy being jabbed by the GP1 the other day, I received a phone call from the Embassy of Mongolia. Cue wonder, and mild worry that something was awry with my visa application. When I returned the call, I was greeted with a simple, blank "Hello…?" Not entirely sure I hadn't misdialled, I […]

and yet another weekend goes by without ironing

I have 98 AA batteries for the trip to Mongolia. They may well take up the majority of my baggage weight allowance. The perils of trying to calculate how many batteries you'll need to see you through 3 weeks of a potentially avid photography spree. I've also spent the weekend collating all the medicinal and […]