Mobile SF

The BBC is selling classic episodes of "Doctor Who" and "Red Dwarf" for viewing on mobile phones, anticipating that fans of cult science fiction are often among the first to adopt new technology. Reuters Consumers will have to purchase special multimedia memory cards known as Digital Video Chips, which can be inserted into compatible mobile […]

once, in flight school, i was laconic

Hands up, who remembers Snorgle? She's all of fifteen months old now, and as of a week ago she has a baby brother. I've named him Sproglet. Sprog for short. He doesn't have a bib yet, but maybe he can share his sister's, because allegedly he snorgles more than she ever did. I feel it's […]

Possessive Verbs

At the moment I'm studying for a diploma in editing and book publishing. (If any of you have noticed I don't tend to post on Fridays, that would be because it's course day, and the course is in Sydney.) Yesterday's course notes included an article, Rules for Using the Possessive with Verbal Forms by Mary […]

all i have to do is hit quota, after all

I have a house full of people at the moment, all here to meet the new baby. The new baby is supremely unfazed by this, and feels sleep is the best course of action. I've heard him squall exactly once since he arrived a couple of days ago and, though he did put a scrap […]

five random things make a post

a word you never expected your aunt to know: frottage. i had a haircut three whole days ago now. i still hate it. sign of a truly bad haircut. this one's gonna take a few months to undo. is leonard cohen's "hallelujah" the most covered song ever in the history of mankind? i have twenty-seven […]

and darling, we go a-drowning…

Astute observers will notice I disappeared for a day or two there. Sorry 'bout that. Sick. Better now (at last!), or at least better enough to function. This of course leaves me decades behind in writing, and facing a rather grim day in terms of getting back into the flow of the novel. I find […]

into the woods and outta the woods…

Lookit. The only plant which has to date survived my "I don't actually kill plants so much as forever draw out their waning lives on the narrow edge of death… a kind of torture born of inattentiveness and panicked applications of water by way of sudden rescue…" tactics. Although astute observers will notice the plant […]

i wish you would…

Is it the ever-growing stack of work I have to do which has produced my funk? Or has the funk created the looming pile of tasks? I am not sure which started first, but I know I don't particularly like it. My energy levels can return from wherever it was they ran and hid anytime […]

somewhere in the darkness, the gambler, he broke even…

😯 In an attempt to avoid the multiple procrastination born of multi-tasking, I followed Leigh's advice and focussed on one task to the exclusion of all others. A touch over 18 hours of coding later, 1 I have a new theme for the website. I'd forgotten how much work goes into making a new theme. […]

when market forces go bad good

I just purchased an airline ticket to Melbourne — which Google tells me is something over 1,000km distant by road — for $51. $51! According to the airline's website, that's a $2 credit card fee, a $9 fare, and $40 in taxes. If I was going to make the 11+ hour drive to Melbourne, I'd […]