Buy Me A Pony

Singing planes are next: A Qantas aerospace engineer has found a way to make small planes safer and more efficient by turning their wings into flying speakers that can beat out a tune. Incredible as it seems, there is a basis for this result. It appears the music, pumped through "thin film-like panels linked to […]

"I'm not an answering machine—I don't have a message for you!"

Ursula K. Le Guin talks about Story versus Message: The complex meanings of a serious story or novel can be understood only by participation in the language of the story itself. To translate them into a message or reduce them to a sermon distorts, betrays, and destroys them. This is because a work of art […]


Find the key emotion; this may be all you need know to find your short story. F. Scott Fitzgerald Bear recently blogged about writerly talents, where she mentioned earning pathos. A day or so later (if that), I stumbled across the Fitzgerald quote. Who am I to argue with synchronicity? So I've been thinking about […]

Mobile SF

The BBC is selling classic episodes of "Doctor Who" and "Red Dwarf" for viewing on mobile phones, anticipating that fans of cult science fiction are often among the first to adopt new technology. Reuters Consumers will have to purchase special multimedia memory cards known as Digital Video Chips, which can be inserted into compatible mobile […]


I have a deep and abiding love for freeware programs, and not just because I'm skint (although that plays a part in it!). Over the years, I have hunted out a lot of programs to suit my needs; these are the ones that have stuck around. So, ten programs that make my computing life easier: […]

Possessive Verbs

At the moment I'm studying for a diploma in editing and book publishing. (If any of you have noticed I don't tend to post on Fridays, that would be because it's course day, and the course is in Sydney.) Yesterday's course notes included an article, Rules for Using the Possessive with Verbal Forms by Mary […]

Procrastinating? Moi?

Computers and websites are nothing but a convoluted way to wax the cat. Really. I spent most of last night installing a new version of Ad-Aware and SpyBot on both the desktop and laptop. No real spyware or malware discovered, which is lucky because I had let both programs age dangerously out of date. Then […]

kitten war

A cat-lover could spend quite some time clicking through this one: may the cutest kitten win

Online Identities

It seems almost every website wants you to register some details about yourself these days. I used to distrust sites that asked for my email; now I'm absurdly grateful when that's all they want. You mean I don't have to pick a username (which you'll no doubt tell me is already taken) and pick yet […]