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State of the push-ups:

Week one, day two, and I can now hold the form properly. Can't actually move far while holding the form and thus, for now and until I build up my arm strength, my push-ups are quite shallow. I suspect I shall have to repeat week one. But! progress.

Although sneezing now hurts my abs.

State of the scar:

Today a woman at the beauticians was complaining to me about the basal cell carcinoma she needed to have cut off her face. Guessing (from her constant repetitious complaining) she was feeling a touch worried about the surgery's outcome, I volunteered the information that I'd just had surgery on my face, and pointed out my scar, which she hadn't noticed.

Sadly, it turns out she hadn't noticed because she was a self-centred moron who only wanted to win at the strange game MY CANCEROUS SKIN LESION IS SCARIER THAN YOURS. I kid you not. She told me, in all seriousness, that doctors wouldn't bother to cut off freckles, there was no such thing as a Hutchinson's melanotic freckle, and all but accused me of lying about the scar. Heaven knows why she thinks I'd have a Z cut into my face. For shits and giggles, perhaps? To lift ONE cheekbone slightly higher than the other? Because I'm some kind of obsessive melanoma fangirl?

State of the copyedits:

I am just over halfway through, according to my count, although that doesn't include today's efforts yet.

What with the renumbering of chapters, conversations between my editor and I are getting tricky, and leads to emails like: I've just sent you old chapter three, which is now new chapters nine through thirteen. Also, I had to change old chapter two — I added some material from old chapter four, which is now in new chapter seven (old chapter two).

It's doing my head in.

Onward and upward!