the joys of the first draft

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Drafting, drafting, drafting, and I look up to find I have quite literally just written the words "You have no power over me."


Oh, yes, they're staying. They amuse me too much to cut them. I'll cut them in a later draft. It'll be a nice surprise, when I'm revising, to find a laugh buried in the script.

6 thoughts on “the joys of the first draft

  1. My first drafts are full of surprises for revising. I am constantly leaving little comments along the side of the manuscript. Mostly they're dull enough, "find a better word", that sort of thing. Sometimes, like today, they're a great opportunity to laugh. I keep imagining that line in a girl's voice (naturally enough), only the character who spouted it is supposed to a manly soldier type. :mrgreen:

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